About Us

Guy with too many cameras and a copy of Microsoft Publisher.

I love a bit of photography me, and I’ve found I really like sequencing and designing photobooks, I’ve done quite a few now.

After a long break from photography I finally got a digital camera in 2016 and started taking lots of stills, the intention was to make video’s originally but I never got round to it.

I studied carpet design many years ago at university then went to work for the electricity board after graduation, after a spell on the dole of course. That project (it was called the GENIE project) got cancelled one morning and I went to work in the travel industry, eventually moving to the Netherlands, I returned to the UK a few years later and have been bumming around ever since.

Pre Covid I was visiting mainland Europe twice a year and taking pictures, some of those pictures have made it into my books “Assorted strangers, Divers Vreemden”, “Lamp posts! Lamp Posts! Lamp Posts!” and “Cats in a pod on her front in Bruges”.

the current series I’m working on has mainly been shot in Bristol and Somerset, in south west England.

I will travel further afield again at some point, I like the look of the new European sleeper trains and would like to try them out, but it’s “weird stuff from southwest England” for now.

Our books are produced in small batches by professional printers, our prints produced by the master printers at Boots, a well known English photo lab.

You can buy our books here